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See book, read book! Click the jackets below to read instantly in your browser. Samples can be shared just by emailing, texting, tweeting or liking a link.

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See book, read book

With OverDrive Read, there are no files to download, and no software to install—just click and start reading.

Anywhere, on anything

From smart phones and tablets to desktop computers and even televisions, Read works on anything with an up-to-date web browser. You can download Read books too, so you can read them offline in your web browser.


Read the Schools and Libraries FAQ.

No cost, no hassle

OverDrive Read is just another great feature of your OverDrive service – no additional fees, no new formats to purchase.

Incredibly simple

Spend your time recommending great books, not answering support questions. We made borrowing and reading eBooks simple for patrons, to make support simple for you.


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Instinctively social

When a book is a link, it's easily promoted – embed it on any web page (with a sample with full reader functionality), or spread the link via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Configurable and themeable

The reader can be customized to suit a variety of uses, from brand-matching to ensure seamless integration with your corporate look, to the addition of features designed specifically for your audience.